Writing Daily For 7 Years Drastically Changed My Life As A Martial Artist

One routine daily earns rewards.

Writing has always been an integral part of my life, but it wasn't until I committed to doing it every day that I truly began to see its transformative power. From improving my mental health to earning a living as a writer, daily writing has opened doors I never knew existed. I literally wouldn’t be here today, providing you with insight ever week, without this daily habit of writing.

So today, I will share 3 ways how daily writing has changed my life as a whole.

1.) Improved My Mental Health For The Better

In the midst of life's everlasting challenges, I found peace in writing.

Using it as a tool to make sense of my thoughts, writing became my sanctuary where I could express the internal battles within myself. Instead of allowing my thoughts to spiral out of control, writing helped me gain clarity and perspective.

It taught me to take my time when thinking and communicating my emotions, leading to a greater sense of peace and self-awareness.

In my teenage years, I struggled a lot with rage & depression. No one never knew how much I suffered in silence because I hid my pain with a smile.

It wasn’t until I was in highschool where writing became my outlet to express my pain. I used to write poems to myself and during my Senior year, I took a writing class that also helped me express what I felt on the inside.

During this point of my life, I never viewed myself as a writer nor did I think my writing was “good”- it was just my way of expressing myself.

The only reason I started to lean more into writing was because the feedback I got from my classmates was so positive that it left me mind boggled.

I never thought anyone would view my writing as “good” when all I was trying to do was make sense of my world.

So I continued writing after graduating high school & that lead to the next big change in my life.

2.) Writing Every Day Made Me Money

In 2018, I remember working at LA Fitness, and I was just pondering one what I wanted my life to be as a martial artist.

I already knew my 2 injuries pretty much shorten my lifespan in having a pro career and I was okay with that. At the time, I was really deep into self improvement & that gave me an idea to just start writing my own martial arts philosophy that would apply to my life( hopefully impacting other people lives later).

What started as a therapeutic practice soon became a source of income. By writing every day, I honed my skills and eventually wrote my first book.

This opened up opportunities to write martial arts philosophy books, leveraging my knowledge and passion into a lucrative business venture. I vividly remember the moment I made my first $2K as a martial artist through my writing, a testament to the unexpected skills and talents I discovered along the way.

I met all kinds of people, met a few millionaires, and I even landed a couple public speaking opportunities which honestly made me feel like I was living a dream.

I wasn’t only making money from my knowledge & ideas, but I also got invited to share those same ideas to other people!

The version of me that sat in that writing class during my senior year of high school would’ve never seen that coming.

3.) Understanding People Through Writing

Beyond personal growth and financial gain, writing every day also helped me understand people on a deeper level.

Sharing my ideas online allowed me to connect with others and learn from their perspectives. In addition, the process of writing online taught me the complexities of human psychology:

  • what motivates people

  • what captures their attention

  • and how to communicate effectively in a digital landscape.

To be a writer online is to engage in a form of "mental warfare," where understanding the psychology of your audience is paramount.

Through daily writing, I not only learned how to capture attention but also how to communicate my thoughts persuasively once I had it. In a world where attention is scarce and communication is key, this skill has proven invaluable in navigating both personal and professional relationships.

The journey of daily writing has been nothing short of transformative for me as a martial artist.

It has not only improved my mental health and provided a source of income but also deepened my understanding of human nature.

Through writing, I have discovered a newfound sense of purpose and connection to the world around me.

As I continue to write every day, I am grateful for the lessons learned and the opportunities that lie ahead.


RastaRiek | The Martial-Preneur

P.S: I’m currently in the process of writing a brand new book. Not going too far into the details until the book is about 75% finished. Just know this book will be the greatest resource for you as a martial artist starting your entrepreneurial journey. Stay tuned! 😉 

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About the Author: 

RastaRiek, also known as The Martial-Preneur, is a dedicated martial artist and entrepreneur committed to helping fellow martial artists achieve success both on and off the mat. Through his newsletter and coaching services, RastaRiek empowers martial artists to turn their passion for martial arts into a thriving business, following in the footsteps of legends like Bruce Lee.