How Shane Fazen Built a Martial Arts Empire Known As FightTips

This Martial Artist Made $1.5 Million Online with YouTube

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How did one guy go from an average martial artist on the internet to a successful full time 7-Figure Martial-Preneur?

Shane Fazen, founder of the infamous FightTips on YouTube, has gained over 3Million + of followers on all social media platforms, with YouTube with being his biggest.

He has created thousands of videos, ones that most of us have likely seen to improve our own fight game, as well as created courses, hosted seminars, and sold gear to help fighters improve on their martial arts journey.

In this case study will explore how Shane Fazen took his love & knowledge of martial arts to build his wealth and become a Martial-Preneur.

After this case study, you will have new ideas on how you can walk in the similar steps of Shane & start your journey as a Martial-Preneur.

Let's begin!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Early Years and Martial Arts Journey

Shane Fazen's journey in martial arts began at a young age, driven by a passion for combat sports.

He trained in various disciplines, starting with Taekwondo at age 9, Shane earned his black belt under Grandmasters Ray Minger & Pung Young Lee

Then at 15 years old, Shane leaned into Muay Thai boxing at Daddis MMA under Kru Rigel Balsamico’s Cool Hearts team.

His dedication and talent propelled him into competition, where he excelled, winning a pro match in Thailand at just 19 years old via a 4th round KO.

Despite setbacks, like an injury sustained during a fight, Shane persevered, shifting his focus to Western Boxing.

Chapter 2: Transition to Coaching and Elite Training

Following his experiences in the ring, Shane embarked on a journey to become an elite striking coach.

After attending Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons’s CSA Gym Coaches Clinic, he realized his mission was to impart his knowledge to others rather than pursuing a career solely as a fighter.

Shane immersed himself in training with the best in the world, including champions from Bellator, UFC, and Lumpinee.

Shane's transition from fighter to coach coincided with the rise of social media and online platforms.

Leveraging his expertise and charisma, he launched his YouTube channel, "FightTips," in 2007 where he shared instructional videos, technique breakdowns, and fitness tips.

This lead shane to seeing massive growth in his YouTube channel where he started collaborating with other martial artist on the west coast like Kwonkick, Vince The Anomaly, and Coach Pj from Fight camp.

As his channel gained traction, Shane monetized his content through advertising revenue and sponsorships, establishing a significant source of income.

It's estimated that Shane's YouTube channel is worth $200K -$946K.

(These are rough numbers, algorithms change, but to make 6 Figures from a YouTube channel passively is amazing!)

Chapter 3: Seminars and Courses

Building on his online presence, Shane expanded his reach by conducting seminars globally.

These events attracted martial arts enthusiasts of all levels, eager to learn from his advanced striking systems and techniques.

Additionally, Shane diversified his revenue streams by offering online courses through platforms like, catering to both beginners and experienced practitioners.

With courses priced affordably, Shane ensured accessibility to a wide audience.

You can check out some of Shane's mini courses here on his website.

(Don't worry, I don't get paid for none of this. I just want you to see what he is doing so you can apply it to your business.)

Something I really like is how Shane created an mp3 of of his programs & offered them as low-ticket offers on his website.

I love it because he basically took something as simple as, coaching on a recording, and selling it for the price of a cup of coffee for beginners.

It's effective marketing, solves a problem, and it builds trust for any newcomers to his site.

Makes mental note for myself later...

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