Selling Fitness Plans as a Martial Artist

Life is war.

It will constantly attack you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and even financially.

We glorify getting therapy, starting a fitness journey, or becoming spiritual but the moment a person decides to focus on becoming wealthy they are "selling their soul".

This is a concept we must destroy, especially in the world of martial arts.

Your ability to make money in today's battlefield is you demonstrating your ability to defend your livelihood.

2020's pandemic showed you firsthand that you can lose your job at a moment’s notice and with inflation being so high, having one source of income is just about the same as trying to fight a military with no guns.

Making money IS a form of self-defense. It will help you provide for yourself and your family while also giving you the resources to build your future.

Let's begin.

You can use your Lifestyle to make a living.

My lifestyle has always been centered around lifting weights and practicing martial arts.

When I came out the Army in 2019, I knew i wasn't going back to college and joining another military branch was out of the question.

So it was only natural for me to start a Personal Training service right out of my mom's garage with the last $2,000 I had to my name.

The business had started well and I was gaining new clients every week, but after 2 months, my clientele started to leave.

Not because I had a bad service, but because most of my clients were college students.

A lot of them were going back to school and either couldn't afford my services anymore, were too busy to make it to training, or couldn't make it all together just because they lived too far.

I was stuck for a week, and honestly, I was lost for a moment.

It wasn't until one day during my own workout I was longing my exercise into my workout journal; that's when the idea hit me.

"Why not just sell the workouts I've already done in this journal and send it digitally?"

That thought led me to write my first workout plan in just 3 hours because I was focused and had a bank of workouts to choose from.

I packed it up and I made my first sale for $40 in just 2 days.

I took the small aspect of my life, working out, something I was going to do anyway, and then turned that small aspect into an asset to make an income.

Monetizing your lifestyle is as simple as having something that you know other people can gain from that you already do on a day-to-day basis.

Having a Library of Exercises and Ideas will give you leverage for other products.

That fitness journal I had came in super clutch for writing my first fitness plan but it doesn't just stop there.

I also used to write down and track my meals and my thoughts on a regular basis.

Having this library of ideas and exercises allows you to create new products without having to pull your ideas from scratch. (I teach you how to build an arsenal of ideas in BlackBeltWriter Handbook)

When you're using your library, don't just throw exercises or information into a PDF or eBook just because you have them. Thats lazy work.

Be intentional when you select different exercises and information for your fitness plan.

This way you can focus on the purpose of your fitness plan to ensure that it actually solves the problem you're trying to address.

People don't want "another fitness challenge". They want a program thats actually going to help them achieve their desired outcome.

It is your job to deliver on that desire.

You also have to know how to Package, Sell, and Scale your product.

PDFs and eBooks are the easiest ways to create an effective workout plan that sells.

The majority of the workout plans I sold, in the beginning, were just regular PDF Documents that looked kind of bad now that I think back on it lol.

I've sold a workout plan that I wrote in my Notes section on my phone before as well.

You can invest in software like MyPTHub or Tranerize to create your workout programs and even scale them up to online training.

How you package it doesn't matter too much as long as you can sell it.

But don't just stop there, you can use your programs as a means to lead to higher ticket services or even consulting.

I used my workout plans as leads to get people locked in for online training or in-person sessions.

The choice in how you scale just depends on the direction you see your life going.

Never scale your business in a way that starts to go against the lifestyle you dream of for yourself.

(Once again, if you want to learn more about writing and using it to make more money as a martial artist, you can check out Black Belt Writer here.)

Take your routine & arsenal of workouts & make money off what you already do.

If you have a natural love for fitness & have a routine that delivers results, someone is more than likely looking for the same routine.

Weights can make you physically fit but your knowledge can make you financially fit.


Tyriek "RastaRiek" Baucom


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