Knowing Your End Goal Is Your Key To Success

Why 90% of People Fail In Business

Martial arts is a never ending journey of exploring yourself through the craft.

It's a journey that allows you to see improvement in mind, body, & spirit.

When turning martial arts into a career & starting a business behind it, you'll end up exploring yourself in similar ways.

A martial arts related business can lead you down many different paths but there's only one path you should take.

That path is the one that leads to your end goal. That future you see yourself in 10 years from now... imagine if you could get there in 2-3 years instead.

The only way to getting to that 10 year goal in 2-3 years is aligning your actions steps with the end goal in mind.

Your vision for the future gives you clarity on what you want most.

For all my life I have dreamed of nothing else but to be a martial artist.

I've always known in my mind, body, and soul that I've only wanted to live a life of martial arts but just like anyone else, my interest grew the older I got.

I have dipped in many fields other than martial arts & looking back I realize I could've moved faster with my goal if I had a clear vision & stuck with it from day one.

Here I am now, almost 25 years old, and I realized saying "I want to live a life of martial arts" isn't enough.

It's not clear enough to truly clarify what I want for my life further down the road.

So let's be clear:

I, Tyriek Baucom, want to help new fighters achieve their goal of training in martial arts, competing in tournaments, and making money from martial arts.

Saying this sentence loud & clear gives me the ultimate clarity for what I want my future as a martial artist to look like.

So now all of my actions & decisions should align to making that statement true to my day to day life.

Having this clarity allowed me to figure out my next business move.

In 2019 I opened my first gym in my Mom's garage and provided a personal training service using MMA Style strength & conditioning.

Looking back, that business model was so simple & awesome but my mind back then didn't see it that way.

I didn't think I was doing enough so I was trying to innovate early in order to "scale" but that's what led me to fail.

I’m glad I went through those trials & tribulations though because now I've found myself going back to the roots in which I started.

The only difference between now and back then is my target audience.

Back then I was only focused on clients who wanted to lose weight & tone muscle. Now my target audience is people looking to compete in martial arts.

I would've never gotten the clarity I needed to zero in on a new audience if I hadn't clarified how I wanted to use martial arts to make a living.

By targeting new martial artists I get to hit all 3 desires of being able to train, coach, and teach new martial artists how to make a living from this skillset.

(More info on this coaching service coming in future blogs)

Most people fail at reaching their end goal because they lack Faith in themselves.

They lack faith because they most likely haven't done enough work that will reassure them to have faith in themselves.

I was the same when I first started personal training in high school.

Even though I have been doing Martial Arts for 10 years, I never taught anyone before. I felt like I was "certified" to teach anyone anything.

It wasn't until I took a Personal Fitness class in my Senior Year in High School that I had the confidence to teach others.

We had to lead a group workout for the class as a project & not only did I get full participation from my classmates, but a couple of them came back to me with great feedback.

They encouraged me to become a personal trainer because of how much they enjoyed the class.

The next week I started offering a Personal Boxing service after school & it didn't take long for the school to know me as "The Boxer".

Later that school year I also won an entrepreneur expo by presenting my MMA Personal Training services to other business owners.

Those moments were big enough to give me the faith & confidence I needed to start my own business.

So when the year 2019 came & I started my own PT service, I wasn't scared or nervous to do it.

I took the last $2,000 I had and made it happen.

Sometimes we'll walk in circles into we figure out where we want to go.

It's funny how life seems to always lead us back to where we started but we can always go back to the starting long wiser than we once were.

Don't waste your energy on regretting what you didn't do or what you didn't know in the past.

Instead, use the newly found information & experiences to take action on the things you CAN DO today to get closer to your future!


Tyriek "RastaRiek" Baucom


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