My Exact Plan To Making $100K As a Martial Artist

Going All In On One Thing!

I’ve always wanted to live a life of martial arts.

While some fighters chase the fame & fortune of it, I've always enjoyed chasing the passion & love of it.

Being able to train martial arts every day makes me feel free. It's how I express myself, how I shape my worldview. It's the very foundation of how I live my life.

As I got older though, I realized making money is a vital aspect to human life. Money isn't everything but it is one of the key resources we need in order to build the lifestyle we want to live.

So after years of battling myself & my relationship with money, in December of 2023 I decided to make my first $100K as a martial artist to show my dedication to this lifestyle of a Martial artist.

After reflecting on my previous business endeavors these past 5 years, I have realized what skillsets I have that will give me leverage as well as what products I have previously sold that actually works.

So here is my personal plan to making $100K by the end of the year & I want to share this online with you all so I can document & update you on my journey along the way.

Let's begin.

Targeting The Online Fitness Industry is a Must!

My first dollar I made as an entrepreneur was in high school.

I used to teach boxing & kickboxing after school for $10 for 30 minutes.

It was a cool little hustle starting off. It got me briefly known as "Tyriek The Boxer" during my Senior year of high school.

My first dollar online was selling fitness plans. This was also before I was ever aware that people was making money selling digital products on Twitter.

At the time, I was just using Twitter to find people looking for fitness advice, I would give them the advice they were looking for, and sometimes those resulted in a sale.

A simple 4 week workout program granted me my first $40 online. The first time that happened I was honestly shocked.

Someone I didn't even know bought a workout program from me for $40 & all I did was give them advice; it was unbelievable for a moment.

That eventually started to happen more & more until I quit selling workout plans & went through a random career shift in 2022.

A few days ago, I was reflecting on those past moments of selling fitness plans because as you can see... they worked.

Knowing they worked, I wanted to see how much potential the market has for growth. The fitness industry is currently worth $16Billion & is expected to reach $256.97Billion by 2032.

Plus with the lockdown happening in 2020, online fitness has become more and more common.

So this gave me the bright idea to use my knowledge of Boxing training & weight lifting to create a workout program to present to the market again.

You can check out the FighterFit 30 Day Boxer Program here.

Knowledge is Power & More People Are On a Hunt for Knowledge That'll Change Their Life

Way back in 2020 I started writing my first book.

This book was based on the collection of journal entries I made way back in 2018 when I decided to learn more about martial arts philosophy.

I saw this moment as a great opportunity to present my philosophy of martial arts from a different point of view.

That's how the "Afrikan Warrior Wisdom" collection began. A take of martial arts philosophy from an Afrocentric point of view, and to my surprise my book did quite well.

I didn't do much online marketing. Instead I went to my audience in person & attended different martial arts and afrocentric events.

I made roughly $2K in physical copy sales which was also the moment I became super confident in my ability to write & connect with my readers.

Book sales stopped when I took that career shift in 2022.

(2022 was a reset period in my life. I found myself in the middle of 2023 trying to pick back up where I left off & here we are now)

Knowing my books did fairly well in my opinion for an unknown author, I logged into my Amazon KDP dashboard a few days ago just to check things out, and once again to my surprise, 3 people have ordered my book this year so far and I haven't promoted it once.

This lets me know that something about my books are attracting people.

I also learned that the self help book industry is a $13Billion industry & guess who's the biggest consumer in that genre....

African Americans! F*cking wow.

The same group of people I originally marketed & sold too is also the biggest consumer of self help books. Isn't that just convenient.

So now the plan is to take my 2 self published books and in a sense "rewrite" them into ONE book on self improvement using lessons I personally learned from martial arts.

Naturally I'll market this book towards African Americans just like the first two books but have it written in a way where I other people can relate to my stories within the book.

You can check out my first book on Amazon, "Afrikan Warrior Wisdom: Martial Arts Philosophy from The Afrikan Mind", here.

Now Having Products is One Thing, but Marketing & Distribution is Everything

A product or service will not make me a 6 Figure earner alone. I know that and after 5 long f*cking years... I've accepted it as well.

Having a product or service with good marketing & distribution CAN make me a 6 Figure earner, I just have to figure out how to go about it strategically so I can gain the most grow.

Alex Hormozi actually has a simple 4 step process of marketing BUT Im actually going to use only 3 of the 4, with a big focus on 2 of them.

  • Scared money don’t make money. I know if I really want to get my product out there to a mass group of people QUICKLY then I have to start putting my hard earn dollars into Ads

  • I've been spending a lot of time learn Facebook ads on YouTube and the method is quite simpler than I expected it to be.

Creating Content:

  • Content is King it is also a key driver in building an audience that connects with my brand. Knowing I want to connect to martial arts & fitness enthusiast, it only makes sense

  • Naturally, I will also continue to write my Newsletter every week as well as post content on Youtube

I've have been seeing some rapid growth lately on YouTube ever since I've switched to short form content.

I plan on bring long form content back as well, most likely more talking head or podcast style, but when I do my next 20 videos will be me testing ideas to see which long form content.


  • Word of mouth is the best form of marketing.

  • Having referrals also builds social proof because if someone else likes your product/service & then tells someone else about it, it's likely that other person will buy from you.

  • A referral system with rewards also helps boost your relationship with your audience.

For example, I have a referral system for this Newsletter. If you recommend 3 people, I'll shout your business out for free.

I like to keep the principles of martial arts in everything I do. We share our martial wisdom to become better fighters, why not share our platforms to build better brands?

If one of us grows, we all grow.

Last words on the matter...

I genuinely believe that following this plan will get me to $100,000.00 by the time this year ends.

And ironically it is the limiting self beliefs that we place on ourselves that keeps us from reaching the goals we strive to reach.

I personally refuse to hold myself back from the lifestyle I want. I refuse to settle for mediocre base levels when I KNOW I can achieve more.

And to you reading this, I hope & pray that you achieve every high goal you can imagine.

Let's all reach our own levels of greatness one step at a time!


RastaRiek | The Martial-Preneur