"The Art of Persuasion: Leveraging Psychology to Drive MMA Gym Sales"

3 Secrets To Increase Gym Sales

I have spent 7 years of working in gyms. Selling memberships. Sharing the love of fitness and martial arts with other people all through the internet & real life.

After all these years, I have figured out what it really takes to make a MMA Gym grow.

These lessons aren't "ground breaking" but these small details are things a lot of MMA Gym owners can overlook when caught up in the day to day tasks.

Let's get to it.

Growing a MMA Gym is more than just having the best sales

You can have the best sales script in the world. The best sales team. Probably even having the best numbers you've ever had in that month.

All that means nothing when you don't have a gym culture that keeps member in your gym.

Gym culture is a crucial element to growing your gym because the type of gym culture you build will keep your members coming back for more.

You want to sign up people that represents the energy you aim to present in your gym.

You're team also plays a huge part in your gym culture. Prime example, the people you hire from the front desk is super important because your front desk staff are the first point of contact your members will come in contact with.

You want to make sure you your front desk staff, trainers, and even cleaning crew represent your gym as well as represents the qualities of good character you want your members to witness.

The More You Understand People, The More Sells you can make

A big thing gym owners, membership coordinators, and sales associates need to understand when it comes to selling gym memberships is that people by off emotions.

They already know that your gym have exactly what they are looking for, but a lot of times that's not enough for them.

There's a certain desire within them that has even brought them to your gym and it is your job to identify that desire by asking them certain questions, then forming your sales pitch based on that desire.

If a woman came into my gym looking for self defense classes because she experienced being attacked, then I'm not going to push her towards trying out a free strength & conditioning class.

Instead, I'm going to lead her to BJJ or Muay Thai so she can build confidence on defending herself. That's how sell based on desire.

Once you've met the desire of your prospect, your the trainers job (or your job if you're the trainer & run a studio gym) to make sure the prospect get the FULL experience of their free class.

You want to make sure that from the moment they walk in the door, you have identified the desire, delivered on that desire, and when you get to the closing process, you just have to confirm that the conditions have been met.

If you can get a prospect to say "yes" 3 times then you can close them on the sale. The key is to get your target prospect to see that your gym has what they're looking for, but that they also can't achieve their goal without your help.

Lastly, if your gym or studio only has one pricing options, split it in half. You increase your odds in making a sell when you do because people love options.

If your sign up is $100 enrollment + $150/month($250 to start), offer options that make them feel in control such as $0 enrollment + $150 or $100 enrollment + $130/month.

Most people will go with the second option because they're going to be able to save more on the month to month.

On the business side, your gym still wins because yes you may have discounted the monthly BUT you still got the enrollment fee AND that's another member in your gym rather than another guest that only did a free class.

The Best From of Marketing Is People

Word of mouth is worth it's weight in gold! The more you can meet or even exceed your members expectations in

  • culture

  • environment

  • customer service

  • training experience

  • And transformations

The more they will want to tell their friends about your gym and what you have to offer.

Also never be afraid to offer incentives. People love to be rewarded and it only makes sense to take care of the people that allow you to do what you love doing.

Giving your members free months or even free PT sessions when they refer a friend will just encourage them to do it again and again.

Last words on the matter...

Growing a MMA Gym takes a collection of things but the most important aspect of your gym is always going to be the people in it.

The members, trainers, your staff; they all make your gym what you envision it to be.

The more you can understand what makes people buy something, the more you can scale your gym until full capacity.


RastaRiek | The Martial-Preneur