6 Figure Martial Artist: Knowing My Next Steps

My journey began roughly 20 years ago but I like to start my journey 7 years ago, 2017.

I was first inspired to start my own business when I won an entrepreneur expo in my Senior year of high school.

Since then, myself and my business has evolved in so many interesting ways.

From opening a garage gym to writing my first book, competing in tournaments, and coaching a fight team; I’ve done so much with martial arts.

All these experiences have led me to explore my next moves in my life.

In this letter, I'm going to give you the details of what I’m going to spend the next 24 months doing to catapult my business into a new league!

Brands don’t need to be “rebuilt”, they need to be redefined…

My brand, RastaRiek, has had many other business names before getting this far.

I’m the kind of person that feels like a name defines a person and I always wanted to make sure my business name defined me.

RastaRiek became my business name because I realized the kind of business I was building was based around just me, not a company. What better name to represent me than my name?

I even used to waste hours redoing my logo or redesigning my website but that’s when I also realized a business doesn’t always need a new look, it needs a new meaning.

I had to sit down and become clear on who I am, what I want to be, and what I want people to know me for.

Knowing that all I want to be is a martial artist who trains, builds, and mentors martial artists to live out their passion is what gave me the meaning of what RastaRiek is.

I’m a true “coach” or “corner man” even online. My wisdom & knowledge of martial arts is what helps the next generation of martial artists become better.

So my decision was made.

Once I gained that clarity, I decided that RastaRiek would be transforming into an educational information-based Blog for the Martial Arts community to grow in the art and business.

Here I share personal stories of myself and other martial artists on how they make a living from martial arts through my weekly Newsletter “The Martial-Preneur”.

Having this clarity for my brand now actually gives me more freedom to explore newer things while also keeping my business model simple.

I’m monetizing my experience and this is something that I can maintain for life.

Documenting my life’s work so others can learn from my mistakes allows me to put more meaning into my daily life.

I Have One More Set of Skills I Need To Sharpen Before Taking The Next Challenge

In December of 2023, I landed a position as a Boxing & Kickboxing instructor with a pay of $25/hr.

The pay wasn't the key factor for me, honestly, I was just happy to be teaching martial arts.

2 months into that position an opportunity to maximize my skillsets presented itself and I acted on it quickly.

See at the time, I knew sales was a skill I still needed to sharpen to really have my skill refined.

After negotiating my pay rate and learning more about the position, I was promoted to Sales Manager at one of our other locations.

So far I have been in this role for 2 months and I already feel my mindset when it comes to sales becoming stronger.

I've also been able to apply the skills I learned like copywriting, email marketing, and so on.

To become a Six-figure martial artist, it is crucial to acquire and sharpen all the skills needed to achieve that level.

Increasing your wealth is like leveling up in a video game; you can't get to the next level until you build up enough experience points.

Being a Sales Manager is giving me the real-time experience of managing a team, growing a gym, programming classes, and creating gym culture.

All these skills and then some will be needed for starting my own gym one day.

Until then, I Must Create New Projects To Work On That Will Scale My Brand...

I noticed that projects keep me focused. They help me work towards the next goal while also keeping me from becoming stagnant.

As Bruce Lee said, "Running water never grows stale". So no matter what stage I am in, I must continue producing something that’s going to build the brand.

As of right now, my newest project is my biggest project to date: I’m writing another book.

This book however will be bigger than my first two books. My goal is to make this book an Amazon Best Seller.

I understand the amount of time, effort, and resources it will take to make this happen but this is exactly why I have unplugged myself from the world and taken social media off my phone so I can focus on this project at hand.

(I will write a post explaining the disconnect from social media so don’t worry.)

Our ability to focus on ONE specific thing is key to achieving the life that we want.

You just have to be willing to place your higher desires to succeed over your lower desires to stay comfortable and complacent.

That’s what rebranding is; evolving your business as you evolve as a person so you can take on the next step in your journey.


RastaRiek | The Martial-Preneur

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