3 Ways To Make Money As A Martial Artist

I made my first dollar as a Martial Artist when I was 17.

I didn't know much at the time but what I did know was that there were people at my school that wanted to learn how to box or even kickboxing, and I was the only person known for it.

So I saw that as my opportunity to teach.

That moment in my youth is what led me down my entrepreneurial journey and since then, I have learned the top 3 ways any martial artist can start making money with their talents in just 30 days.

Let's begin.

1.) Coaching

Coaching is obviously a no-brainer for most martial artists. In fact, coaching is likely the first method martial artist will resort to when looking to make money for their services.

You don't have to limit yourself to only 1on1 sessions. You can make more money in less time with group training classes or hosting specialty classes like women's defense.

There are other coaching styles you can use as well to increase your revenue such as:

  • Online Group Coaching: Hosting a Zoom link where your clients can enter and be trained virtually from their homes while you lead a class in a park; you get to cater to 2 crowds at one time increasing the number of people you train in a 1-hour session.

  • Seminars: Seminars are like "boot camps" where you may teach a specific skill set or curriculum for 1-2 hours depending on the course. This type of coaching can be positioned as a "high ticket" service and with the right pricing and target audience it can be very lucrative with just 10 clients or less.

  • Speciality Coaching: You may have a specific expertise that can help a specific person. Coaches with expertise in specific styles of training tend to make more money because of their specialties. If there is a demand for a Strength & Conditioning Coach for Fighters, and you're one of few in the area with that specialty, you're going to be seen has highly valuable for that field.

Whatever your coaching style may be, your main job is to figure out:

  • Who is my target audience?

  • Where are they located?

  • How do I serve them?

Create a solution and feed it to a starving crowd.

2.) Consulting

People love to be informed on things they do not know.

People will also pay you to advise them so they can learn to solve their own problems.

In my experience, consulting as a martial artist works best in 2 ways:

  • Fight IQ Consulting: Helping fighters advance their fight IQ and learn new fight strategies to add to their arsenal.

  • Nutritional Consulting: Fighters who are looking to compete need a nutrition consultant because weight cutting can be a very challenging process for a fighter. This service will always be a high demand for fighters.

FightIQ consulting was the first form of consulting I got started in. I noticed the fighters around me lacked a "scientific" or strategic approach to fighting, so I offered a service to help fighters with exactly that.

This is what led me to create a fight team and have fighters come to me for coaching and being their corner man for upcoming tournaments.

As a beginner, you could start your consulting rates from a range of $75-$150 per hour.

If you have expertise and a bank of results to validate your expertise, you can charge a higher rate.

3.) Writing

Writing is the easiest way to start making money online as a martial artist and the biggest advantage of it is that it pairs well with the other two methods listed above.

What makes writing the easiest way to start making money is because you can write different digital products that cost you nothing to create.

  • eBooks

  • Fitness plans

  • Courses

Each one of these digital products can be a valuable asset to your coaching or consulting business.

If you're a coach you may offer a 30 Day fitness program at $30 for potential customers to try your service before investing in your training packages.

If you're a Nutrition Consultant, you may create a course on weight-cut prep for fighters and coaches.

No matter which option you choose to go with, you get to use your knowledge to create an info-based product that solves a specific problem for a specific person.

Once the work is done, you only have to do the work ONE time and then market and sell it over time to make a source of income.

Digital products also work well as great lead magnets because you can always offer them for free if your main goal is to capture emails for new potential clients to sell to later.

(If you want to learn more about writing and using it to make more money as a martial artist, check out Black Belt Writer here.)


Tyriek "RastaRiek" Baucom


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